Tourist consulting

The best promotion in Poland:

If you could be interested in serious promotion in Poland of your tourist business we can help you!
We already has the experience in such cooperation and we can provide your company with:
1) Representation of YOU towards agencies, tour operators, MICE specialists, internet companies, interline operators and / or other industry sales channels.
2) Search and contracting of the sales channels for YOUR product intended for sale on the Polish market.
3) Access to the our know-how and database of the registered Polish tour operators and travel agents (4000 agencies in Poland). 
4) Implementation of an approved schedule of visits to the accounts offices to seek business, evaluate and discuss past performance and plan future activities together to further enhance the relationship.
5) Implementation of an approved schedule of mailings to the key contacts to keep them appraised of any new developments.
6) Implementation of an approved schedule of tradeshow attendance, fairs and other product presentations.
7) Identification of new sales opportunities, and development of those opportunities.
8) Recommendation to you of sales strategy, pricing structure and marketing activity, and implementation of those strategies upon their approval.
9) Coordination of the sales program and booking forecasts.
10) Coordination of issue and distribution of the YOUR brochure in English/German/Polish language.
11) Promotion of YOUR product on TOUR LEADER, TOM24, BLUEVENDO, MERLINX and other Polish tourism internet sales channels.
12) Acquisition of groups and incentives.
13) Coordination of special programs for travel agents including Study Tours, fam trips and incentive programs.
14) Coordination of the mail-box with the polish address and call center with local designed number. 
15) Registration of your company in Poland.


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TOUR LEADER is a new brand for Tourism Professional’s   


Our mission is:

  • Professional training courses for tourism industry
  • Assistance to individuals, businesses and tour operators in establishing direct contacts with foreign tourist service providers with view of organizing business trips, training trips, getting employment  etc.
  • Promotion of tourist facilities and services and their sale online
  • Deepening interpersonal bonds in Europe through obtaining a better knowledge of the European Union countries’ cultures
  • Opening the awareness of Poles on Europe through learning about its sights, scenery, tradition and history
  • Widening the Poles’ knowledge of Europe and the world through publication of travel articles on our site


We deal with:

  • Consulting in the area of tourism and employment
  • Promotion of tourism and sale of tourist services
  • Promotion of hotels and other facilities, airlines, transport companies and other services related to incoming and outgoing tourism
  • Organization of meetings, conferences presentations and training courses enabling establishment of direct contacts between tourist service providers and tour operators
  • Organization of advertising campaigns for foreign providers of services related to tourism
  • Representation of foreign tourist companies in trade fairs, business talks and negotiations taking place in Poland
  • Consulting in the area of obtaining funds for development and promotion of tourist ventures

For more information, please contact us!